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Leasing Explained . . .Business Contract Hire (BCH)

Like a long-term car rental agreement, with contract hire your business pays the car finance company a fixed monthly sum to lease a vehicle for a fixed period. 

Service and maintenance costs may be included at the end of the agreement the vehicle is returned. Payments are calculated based on the vehicle’s expected depreciation – the difference between the purchase price and the resale value at the end of the agreement, taking into account age and mileage. 


It's budget-friendly: fixed monthly payments and the low deposit are good news for business cash-flow. including maintenance and tyres (road tax) helps reduce fleet administration overheads.

Vat-registered companies can reclaim up to 50% of the vat on finance payments and 100% on the maintenance agreement costs.


Exceeding the agreed mileage will incur financial penalties, so you’ll need to be able to predict your expected mileage accurately.

You’ll need comprehensive insurance.

There’s no option to buy the car.

Best for:

The most popular choice of lease for businesses, contract hire is ideal for companies wanting to update their fleet regularly, while avoiding capital outlay. 

"I have been a customer of Noble's for over 9 years and cannot speak more highly of them. I have slowly migrated my entire fleet across to them, and have recently taken delivery on two new vehicles. There just as good now as they were 9 years ago and im pleased they have finally got round to getting a website, as I've recommended them many times and they never let me down"
A Marriott - UK WS Fuels LTD


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