" If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful"

What We Do . . .

We are a finance intermediary, which is a fancy name for a broker. We provide two types of funding, Contract Hire and Finance Lease and we tell you all about it on the 'Leasing' page. Established since 2002 we are quite different in how we approach our market place.

As you will see we don't advertise bucket shop deals, you wont see us on any compare the market sites either. Volume related business isn't our thing. We prefer to deal with you our customer on a one to one basis and ensure that not only do you get the right deal but the right experience too. We aren't the biggest company out there but we comfortably look after all sorts of companies. Because we don't advertise or search for our customers our approach and level of service has to be excellent regardless of who you are or how many cars you have. We rely on word of mouth so try really really hard to bring you a fantastic service . . .

We have no ties to any Manufacturer or specific Funder, so we are completely impartial, which means you get the best possible advice and the best price.

Vans! Not only do we provide Cars but also Vans too. In fact if it has a engine and wheels we will help you fund it!


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